Bampi Appointed Patrolman


Did you know that Bampi was appointed a police officer by Theodore Roosevelt?

Thanks to David H.T. Kane for the scan.


2 Responses to “Bampi Appointed Patrolman”

  1. Kate Says:

    TR, in his position of President of the Board of Police Commissioners, signed David Kane’s appointment to the New York City Police Department on January 21, 1897
    Timeline Life of Theodore Roosevelt

    May 6, 1895- April 19, 1897
    President of the Board of Police Commissioners, New York City.
    Received national press attention for his reforms, including “midnight rambles” in search of policemen not at their posts. Ordered that all police officers must report for target practice, thus establishing the foundation of the Police Academy, one of the first in the country.
    “There is nothing of the purple in it. It is as grimy as all work for municipal reform over here must be for some decades to come; and is inconceivably arduous, disheartening, and irritating, beyond almost all other work of the kind…It is not work to be done in a rose-water basis.”

    From website
    Theodore Roosevelt Association

  2. Kate Says:

    please make that date FEBRUARY 21, 1897.
    Sorry for my mistake. Need new glasses.

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