Schilling Atlas and Road House


Here are some great photos and cards of the Schilling Hotel and Road House.  Does anyone know the dates of these?  (Click on photo to view enlarged version).  
 Schilling Hotel Towel Concession w/ MemoSchilling Hotel and RoadhouseSchilling hotel and Roadhouse photoSchilling Hotel Ad CardSchilling Hotel Photo 1


4 Responses to “Schilling Atlas and Road House”

  1. David Kane Says:

    Add some comments and tell us who is in those pictures!

  2. Ailene Says:

    unfortunately, i don’t know who’s in the photo! I know that Memo is one, but I don’t know who the other is.

  3. sgeidel Says:

    Hello! I am a Geidel….. My great great great grandfather is Charles A. Schilling… his daughter, Emma, married Charles Pretz and had a daughter named Marie Pretz who married Henry Geidel. Who is my Great Grandfather. Did I lose you yet? I believe that David Kane’s wife was a Schilling, is that Correct? so hello from a distant cousin!

  4. tcatrainer Says:

    Hello from another distant cousin. I am descended from Charles A Schillings Grandfather Johann Casper Teipel, who was my 3 great grandfather. I also have connected with Charles Anton’s brother’s descendants

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